Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Here we go...

I have tried blogging before and have been pretty unsuccessful with it. However, I am in a new phase of my life and I spend a lot of time on my computer. I figured it might be nice to have an outlet for my thoughts and feelings and ideas. We'll see how it goes!

So quick update...I got married on July 16th, 2010...

I left my dear friends and second graders at Davis Elementary, my family, and church home and moved myself and my sweet Bonnie to the great state of Tennessee!

Much to our dismay, I did not get a teaching job in Knoxville in the Fall and so I began subbing in September....Pretty interesting experience for me, but of course God grew me A LOT during that time. I got to spend a lot of quality time with my new husband and I learned a lot about being a teacher.

Just like he always does, God surprised me with a different plan. In mid-December I was offered a job writing curriculum for a digital school. Families who home school or private schools can purchase curriculum from I write the math lessons for third grade students for this curriculum. They will launch the third grade component in the Fall. I am a contract worker and I work from home. 

In the same week, I was offered a tutoring job at Amherst Elementary. I work with a small group of Kindergarteners three days a week.

I am so grateful for this opportunity and God's provision, but there has been a lot of adjusting that I've had to do.

I almost forgot our newest addition, little Chloe Reese.

So rebellious...

Lots of new things on the horizon. We are under contract on a house here in Knoxville and will probably be moving and doing a lot of fixing up in May! I am trying very hard to become a "couponer" and better cook.

I am not nearly as creative as I want to be, so I stressed about a name for this blog. I finally chose "One Step at a Time" because that is my husband's favorite thing to say. No matter what happens or how stressed we get, he always reminds me to just take it one step at a time. :-)

Lots to come....I'll keep you posted ;-)


  1. Fun blog! Check out this site: to help with the couponing! =) Katie Snyder

  2. I am so glad you started a blog because I feel out of touch with you! I had no idea about the new jobs- they sound AWESOME! I am jealous. Good luck to you! Love ya!

  3. I just read through your blog and enjoyed every bit of it Leslie! Missed you this morning at church, I'm sure the conference was AMAZING, wish I had been able to attend. Congratulations to you and David on the new exciting! I'm happy to hear that God has provided jobs for you, that is something I'm stressing now since I graduate in June. God will provide in every area of our lives...he always does and will never stop :) Love you and keep up the blogging!