Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Round 11!

Well, I made it through another round! We are getting so close!

Round 11 is finished and I officially have ONE ROUND LEFT! Woo Hoo!

                                                I had to borrow David's finger for this one!

Here are the pups that come visit on Thursdays at the infusion center. They are so cute.
                                                                 Roxy and Ginger!

I can't tell you how ready I am to finish these treatments and move on with our lives!

Here's the time line:

Wednesday, September 26th: FINAL TREATMENT
Soon thereafter: Celebration!
5 Weeks later: PET scan
6 Weeks later: Doctor's appointment where pte scan is read and found to be CLEAN!
6 Weeks and 1 day later: Begin living life cancer free!!!!

Lately we have been spending a lot of time at Concord park. We love to run the mountain trails and they just opened a new dog park complete with doggy dock on the lake. We decided to throw Chloe in the water and she did SO WELL! We have a little swimmer! She would even go get a ball that we threw in the lake! (Note: Bonnie is no where to be seen...she's not exactly a water dog!)

This last week was crazy busy! I had a huge deadline at work, I had chemo on Thursday, and my friend Sarah's wedding was on Saturday!

This week was also really tough. I found out that someone else I know may be facing Hodgkins. I can't tell you how much my heart broke for this sweet person. I feel like I have come so far and I can't imagine being back in that scary place we were in this past April. I was completely broken and praying this past week and I decided to seek. I opened my bible and it "just happened" to fall open to the 8th chapter of Luke.

The first verse I read was "Daughter, your faith has healed you." This comes from the story of the woman who had been bleeding for years. She touched Jesus's robe and was instantly healed. In this verse, Jesus made it clear that it wasn't some magical power, amazing medicine, or well-known doctor that healed her. It was her own faith. I pray that at the end of this God would say this very thing to me.

The very next story in the chapter is about Jarius's daughter who was dead. Jesus said to them, "Don't be afraid, just believe and she will be healed."

My heart stirred so much with this word. My friend will be healed and we do not need to be afraid.

The healing power of Christ comes from our own belief; our own faith.

If you are in need of healing in your life, take the first step...believe. Your faith will heal you.

11 down, 1 to go!!!!


  1. Can't believe it! You are almost there! :D

  2. Love your last picture of the count down. Praising God with you. "1" more left and it is DONE! Amen