Saturday, August 30, 2014

New York Trial Treatment #1

So I originally wrote this post while flying home yesterday, but for some reason it didn't save, so I'll have to remember as much as I can!

The first thing I want to say is....


Thank you to Brad and Julie Raby for being such amazing friends to us. Not only did they help tremendously with David's birthday party last weekend (BTW my husband is 30!!! Wow!!!) Not only do they watch our dogs for us whenever we travel. Not only are they super fun and supportive friends. But now they have set up a website for me and my cancer journey at You can get updates, access this blog, and donate money to help us with the financial burden of traveling to New York every two weeks over the next two years. Thank you Brad and Julie!

Now I want to say a big...


To all of you that have donated money. I can't tell you how truly humbled I am that so many people would be so generous. We have almost reached our goal of $10,000 in just one week. It blows my mind!!! You all are amazing!

And now for an update...

This week I traveled to New York to receive my first treatment on this Immunotherapy trial. I wasn't anticipating a lot of side effects because this is not chemo, but I did face a lot of anxiety. There are always unknowns when you put a new drug in your system, and seeing the infusion rooms and IV bags brought up a lot of emotions in me that I wasn't expecting. Almost exactly a year ago on David's birthday, we heard the word "remission" and thought this cancer journey was on its way to being over. Almost a year ago is when I got what I hoped would be my last chemo treatment ever for my transplant. Starting a brand new treatment that could last for two years is overwhelming.

But I got over it and began the first infusion...and then I started sneezing. I can't make this up people. For some reason, my body reacted to this drug by sneezing uncontrollably. The nurses were all laughing about it and we continued the infusion, sneezes and all. When the infusion stopped, the sneezes stopped.

Then we did the second infusion and it went fine...until we left the clinic. Then I had intense lower back pain and the chills. Apparently this is what my body decided to do with the second drug. Some Tylenol and a nap later and I was fine, and I feel great now!

Please pray that these reactions don't continue and more importantly that this medicine WORKS!! I believe that this treatment could be what the Lord uses to heal me and I won't let go of that.

Also please pray for strength for me as we continue. Traveling to and from New York is going to be a challenge. Once again cancer is taking over my life and stopping me from fulfilling the dreams in my heart. The traveling is already starting to wear on me and we have just begun!

This was my week.

Drive 2.5 hours to Nashville
Wake up at 4:30 and drive to the airport
Fly to the New York
Take a bus to the Subway station
Take the subway to the city
Get treatment and stay two nights in New York
Take the subway to the bus station
Take the bus to the airport
Fly to Nashville
Drive 2.5 hours to Knoxville

Phew! I have to do this every week for the first month and then in the long term we will go every two weeks. The schedule is very specific as we go through different phases of the trial, so I will keep everyone posted.

Thank you for your prayers and support. It's so hard to keep going sometimes and keep a positive attitude. Please help me still believe that God is for me and has good things for my life and wants to see my dreams come true.

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