Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall Flavor

So I know we're all thinking about Christmas decorations now (at least I am) but I thought before I take them down, I would show you my Fall decorations.

We set aside a small amount of money to make our house cozy for Fall and I put my cheap frugal self to work using pinterest and creativity.

Here are a few things I ended up with...The quality is not blog-worthy because they are all taken from my iphone....the camera is now missing, what can I say? :-)

 I came up with this on my own. I Had the glass vase (from our wedding) and got the rocks at Wal-mart for cheap. I had bought the twine for other projects so I simply put in rocks and twine until I reached the top and tied a bow around it...easy.
 This is not a great picture of our mantel, but it's my favorite Fall spot in our house. My mom bought me the lanterns at Garden Ridge. Love!) and I had the Autumn leaves garland already. Probably bought it at Target. I got the blessings sign in the middle at Hobby Lobby for half off and the plates at Wal-mart for $2.50. I spray painted them cream as well as the pumpkins.
Here is a close-up of the pumpkins. I got the candlesticks at the Public Market for like 2 dollars a piece. Best. find. ever. I LOVE them!
 I got this sweet thing from my mom at Garden Ridge, but I think it would be totally easy to reproduce. Flower pot, fake Fall flowers, burlap, and twine. Done.
 I got this awesome rustic little basket at TJ Maxx for 7 dollars. I took some of my old paperback books, tied them together with twine and put a flower on top. SO EASY and Cheap!

 It's hard to see, but I took a frame and put Burlap in it. Then I wrote on the glass with a wipe-off marker "love is patient" This is fun because I can change out what it says whenever I want!

 Probably my least favorite. I already had the pumpkin candlesticks and the tray. I took pinecones from our yard and spray-painted them cream...
I had a lot of fun making my little Fall banner! I bought burlap and cut it into triangles. Used brown yarn to sew it to a piece of twine. I used stencils to paint the letters on the burlap. Then added the bows! I love the way it turned out!

Those are my modest Fall decorations, all fairly easy and all cheap! I hoep you like them!  I can't wait to start making things for Christmas!

Happy Fall y'all!

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