Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Results are in....

Drumroll please!!! The scan was good!!!

When I found out I had cancer, I had three main prayers that I asked the Father.

1) Please Lord don't let this ruin my fertitlity. Please bless us with Children.
2) Please Lord let the halfway scan come back completely clean!
3) Please Lord let me be able to announce at the Thanksgiving table that I am cancer free.

Aren't I polite? I always say please! While I have prayed many many things since then, these were my goals, so to speak.

Well, we got the scan results today at my doctor's appointment.

The results were good!! The CT scan is still abnormal and tissue can be seen where my tumors originally were. However, The amount of tissue has decreased by more than half for every spot! The official word is that I am showing "pronounced" response to treatment!

We of course asked about the tissue that is left and my doctor said that there is no way to tell on a CT scan whether the tissue is "alive" or "dead." He said that he thinks most of it is scar tissue and dead cells! I'll take it!

The Plan from here on out... 6 more treatments(including the one I had today.) We'll wait 5-6 weeks after the last treatment and do a pet scan.  A pet scan can detect the difference between live and dead cells, so we will know for sure. Then I will see a radiologist to get an opinion about whether or not I need radiation. We are praying AGAINST radiation. It increases my risk for thyroid and breast cancer and we DON'T want that if we can help it.

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers. God is working to heal my body, but He's doing so much more than that!

My friend Andy always says "Complete Healing" when we talk about my cancer. What a great reminder. I desire for God to heal me much more than physically. I need emotional and spiritual healing as well.

Jesus died on the cross for us so that we could receive healing. It is a free gift from God that He offers EVERY one of His children.
It says in the Bible,"By His wounds we are healed."

You may not have cancer today, but you probably need some healing. Turn to the Father. Get on your face before Him and don't let his suffering have occurred in vain. His wounds are the only true way to receive healing...complete healing.

I pray that each day I come closer to receiving complete healing from the Lord, until that day when my healing will be completely fulfilled in Heaven. Cancer is just one more step on the journey.

Ask Him today for your own complete healing, and I would be happy to talk to you about it and pray with you!

Love in Christ!


7 down, 5 to go!!

P.P.S. My husband and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary last prepared for a sappy post in the near future. I love him ;-).


  1. I'm so glad to hear this, Leslie!!

    - Jeanette Soltys

  2. Leslie,
    I am so proud and amazed by you and your courage. I have been praying for you and so has my bible group and church at my camp in Slippery Rock, PA were I am staying this summer. We are standing in the gap for you for a complete healing. So happy with the scan results. God is working. Will add your thoughts, mind set and patience to my prayer list for you. Sending you and David all my Love.
    (Aunt) Gerri Koklich

  3. Leslie,
    That is wonderful news that you received. I have to say that you are truly a beatiful, amazing woman of God! You are such an encourager and uplifter and I know God is using you and David in wonderful ways and will continue to do so. Thank you for being such an amazing example of a Proverbs 31 woman. Many blessings and prayers. Oh and HAPPY 2 year anniversary to you guys!

    Dani Bush