Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Mom I Hope to be ... someday

I know this is quite late, but my new work schedule has been making it difficult for me to find time to blog. I'll go more into that later.

Since Mother's Day was this last weekend, I wanted to blog about Moms. I happen to have an incredible mother and mother-in-law. I also happen to be surrounded by amazing moms at my church. Ever since I was tiny, I have dreamed of becoming a mom myself. You can ask my mother! I used to play house and carry my dolls around everywhere. I even used to stuff pillows under my shirt to pretend like I was pregnant. NO I am not pregnant now. nor will I be any time soon if we have anything to say about it, but I am closer now to being a Mommy than I ever have been and I think a lot about the type of Mommy I want to be. Soooooo I decided to make a list. These traits and qualities were inspired by all the amazing Mommies I know as well as God's word.

I want to be the kind of mommy that...
1. ...teaches her children about the Lord.
2. ...prays daily with her children so they learn how to pray.
3. ...reads the bible with her babies every night.
4. ...feeds the homeless and helps those in need with her children.
5. ...always works hard to provide for her family, no matter what her job may be.
6. ... LAUGHs with and at her children as much as possible.
7. ...cooks with her children and feeds them healthy food.
8. ...always listens to their problems and is Patient.
9.  ...lets her kids wear pajamas to church on Wednesday night.
10. ...loves and respects her husband.
11. ...makes family traditions that they will always remember.
12. ...teaches them to love others more than themselves.
13. ...wipes tears and fixes boo-boos.
14. ...handles anything that comes her way with grace!
15. ...makes sacrifices for her family.

This list could go on and on. I definitely have to work on a lot of these things in order to be successful when the time comes. I am so blessed by all the mothers in my life. I guess for now I will practice on the puppies!

Happy Mother's day very late!

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