Friday, April 13, 2012

The Final Word

Well I have quite a bit to share on the blog today.

First a quick update on my journey with cancer. I had my first appointment with my oncologist yesterday. It went well even though we had to wait a long time to see him. He is confident that we can beat this thing. We got some questions answered, but still do not have a stage because that is dependent on the results of a pet scan that I had done yesterday afternoon. We know that chemo will be the course of action. Next week I will get a port placed in my chest so I can easily receive the medicine. It's becoming more and more real, but God is giving me peace along the way.

My heart is broken right now because of cancer. Not only because of my own battle, but because cancer has taken the lives of two wonderful people in the last 24 hours.

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that our good friend at NorthStar, Don Walker, passed away from complications from lung cancer. Don was a true servant and never doubted the Lord's hand in his life. He will be truly missed.

David's grandfather, David W. Vogel, also passed away this morning. He had stomach cancer. What a bittersweet moment for my dear family. Pappa loved the Lord with his whole heart. Not only was he funny and kind, but he was a true leader who provided for his family. His love for the Lord and willingness to sacrifice everything for the kingdom created a legacy that will not soon be forgotten. He was a pastor and teacher and touched so many lives with the love of Christ. It is because of him that David and his father are the true men of God they are today.  I consider myself truly blessed to have known him and have spent the little time I had with him. We can mourn the loss of his presence in our lives, but we can also rejoice because he is with his Father now! The Lord has given him the ultimate healing and brought him into His presence. I know that nothing more could be said to him than "well done good and faithful servant." He is an example to us all.

As I think about these men of faith and the battle they fought, I can't help but feel the gravity of this journey I'm on. I will fight for my life in the next few months and I am confident that God will be by my side. Whatever we face in life, we must run forward in faith and trust that our heavenly Father truly cares for us. 

I am tempted to question why Pappa had to leave us, why Don had to leave us, and why I have to fight this cancer fight. But I am reminded of the wise words that Pappa spoke just a few days ago. "The Lord has the final word." Because I know that God is good and he cares for us, I can trust in those words. The Lord does have the final word, and I am more than ok with that.


  1. Hi Leslie,
    I am following you and praying for you.
    I am sure you will beat this.
    Love you girl!
    Victoria, Sarah and Adam

  2. Leslie,

    Carla and I are on this journey with you guys and know that we are praying for you and David both. Carla has surgery next week and also is having a port placed for her Chemo. I shared with David that I would love for us to get together and just talk. I del that we can all really minister to each other right now. Praying for you both.

    Mike and Carla Parker

  3. Dear Leslie:

    It really warms my heart to see what an awesome leader in Christ you've become, please know that we are praying and following your enormous journey. If there is ever anything you or David need, please don't hesitate to call. Even though you both have a tremendous amount of love and support. As I read your encouraging and courageous words It's obvious who you will rely on to get you through. It can sometimes be difficult when we find ourselves in the middle of suffering and struggles, just remember that suffering and glory go hand in hand. Everything I read shows me that you truly know how to give God the glory and thanks in all circumstances. At the risk of sounding condescending, I am so proud of your toughness and pure grit, stay strong and always clothe yourself in Jesus!!!!

    Love you my sister,
    Bobby Nunez

  4. Leslie,

    I am praying for you and your journey to an amazing testimony. Not too many years ago, my daughter went through an acute, life-threatening illness - the doctors actually told me to prepare myself for the worst. As I pursued the Lord, He specifically spoke to my heart of the prophetic words that had been spoken over her life and said, "I am not a man, that I should lie, nor the son of man, that I should change my mind. Have I not spoken, will I not act?" Numbers 23:19. I am compelled to share this with you, because as I pray, I am absolutely certain there are prophetic words that have been spoken over you that have NOT yet been fulfilled. I would encourage you to hold fast to those words through this season. Meditate on them. And during the times when it is easy to question, reflect on the glory of God that is going to be revealed in your life and your testimony when you come to the other side of this journey. How many lives with be touched and changed as a result of all of this? Hard as it is to understand His ways as we walk through dark days, in the end, when we recognize the glory revealed, it makes the journey worth the cost. My heart is with you. My prayers are with you.

    Love in Him,
    Virginia Searles