Monday, June 27, 2011


What a weekend!

My very dear friend from college, Meredith McKinney, came to visit me on Saturday. I love this girl so much! We have been through a ton together and I hadn't seen her for over a year! It was such a blessing that she gave up her Saturday to come to Knoxville and hang out with me. We got to catch up quite a bit and it just made me realize how much I miss spending time with her and my other girls from college. I also got to talk to my friend, Shanna, for a long time Saturday night which was awesome.

I love my husband and I love being married, but I'm beginning to see just how important girl friends are. He can't fulfill every part of my need for friendship, and let's face it, he's a guy and guys don't get about 90% of what we go through!

The lesson for our preschoolers this week was about David and Jonathan. We talked about how important it is to be a good friend and that's what I want to be. 

One question that was asked of the kids was "Have you ever had someone decide they don't want to be friends with you anymore?" Every child raised their hand because that's what kids do. They get mad and say "you're not my friend anymore!" They do this because they know it's the ultimate weapon. They know they're going to get you by saying that because friendship is a pretty valuable commodity when you're 4 or 5 or 6 or any age really.

Unfortunately, there are still adults that act like this. I have had friends walk away from me and say they don't want to have a friendship anymore. Pretty hurtful...pretty sad...However, the good thing about a true friend is that no matter how much time has passed or miles are between you or hurt has been had, they still welcome you with open arms and still love you and still stand by you. I am very blessed to have some of those true friends in my life, and hopefully will make more here in Knoxville.

After this weekend, I am going to try harder to be a better friend just like Jonathan was to David. I am attempting to communicate better and reach out a little more.

I hope everyone has a great week! Reconnect with an old friend this week. You'll be glad you did. :-)

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