Thursday, May 10, 2012

Round 2

Well friends, I recevied my second chemo treatment yesterday and I have to say it went very well!

My dear friend Shanna came up to go with me, and we had a blast! I have realized that I am a social person. When I get to see people and talk to them, my day is about 1,000 times better than my sit on the couch all day and work/have cancer days. I think I will actually look forward to chemo days from now on.
                        Here we are at the infusion center.

This is how the day goes down in case you were wondering:
9:30- rush out the door and eat some breakfast
9:45- arrive at cancer center and check in
10:00 - get port accessed and blood drawn for labs (I was nervous about this, but it didn't hurt at all! Thank you port!)
10:15 - Consult with Dr. and discuss side effects
11:00 - Get Pre-meds (literally 3 types of anti-nausea meds and a steroid or something that makes me write posts at 5:00 in the morning because I can't sleep and my cheeks turn red the next day)
11:30 - Chemo drug A (This one is red and they push it through the IV for ten minutes. This is the one that makes you sleepy and makes your hair fall out. That's all I know...and it's red, very red)
11:40 - Chemo Drug B (This one is in a bag and I don't know what it does. It takes about 30 min)
12:10 - Chemo Drug D (This one is the big one. This bag takes about an hour)
1:10 - Chemo Drug V (This is the last one and they push it along with some other drugs I can't remember.)
1:45 Go home

*Note: This schedule is approximate. It really depends how busy they are.
                                           We had a lot of fun!

Yesterday I got to meet the nurse practitioner who I will see every other time I go in. Dr. Amy pretty much made my day because she is completely kind and compassionate. She truly connected with me and I feel a lot better about chemo with her there.

Not only did I get to spend time with my Shanna, which is always a mood lifter, but my sweet husband watched the 4 Davis children for a little while so Jessica could come visit me at the infusion center!! What a man I married!
                                           Look at this stud!

I'm getting to know the nurses and receptionists and some of the other patients there and I feel really comfortable there. Everyone is so kind and there are snacks.

I literally spent 3 hours just laughing and talking with Shanna and Jess and I had an amazing time.

I wasn't sleepy afterwards this time so Shanna and I had a blast at the thrift store and then we all ate Jess's chicken and dumplings. (They will change your life....seriously)

Here is one of my many thrift store buys yesterday. 5 dollars for this shiny vase. Not sure where it will live yet.

So all in all it was a great day! It feels good to know I am one step closer to beating this thing. I'm so ready to feel healthy again and do all the things God has planned for my life.

With all of these things said, I have an extremely grateful heart.

Here is a mini-list of things I'm thankful for.

Thank you Lord for....
-Overwhelming peace
-Chemo drugs that can kill this cancer
-Allowing me to have a curable, not so terrible cancer
-My amazing husband.
-Both of my amazing families
-My supportive friends and church family
-Thrift stores
-Chicken and Dumplings
-A flexible job with an extremely supportive boss and coworkers

I think that's all for now. Pray that the side effects are still manageable this time around and these two weeks go quickly so I can get on to the next one!
                                            2 down, 10 to go!


  1. We are still praying for you, and will continue to do so. Also, because I'm a nerd, I researched the ABVD regimen to see what each drug was and what it does exactly. haha I'm glad you have friends to come keep you company and keep your mind off things!

  2. We love you, Leslie! Thanks for keeping us posted. Your positive attitude is inspiring!