Friday, September 13, 2013

Do not be anxious

Today was my last day of looooong chemo. I have one more infusion tomorrow but it should be shorter!

Not too much to say tonight. I'm not feeling fantastic. Much more tired today.

I had a good quiet time and a great walk tonight and I'm really grateful. I'm trying my best to not be anxious about tomorrow.

I get my last chemo infusion and it's one I've never had before. Praying it's the one that knocks everything out, but also praying that my body won't have long-lasting side effects (other than being cancer-free forever of course).

But I know my trust is not in my body or my doctors, it is in the Lord.

He has brought me this far, I know He will see me through!

Pray for me that I can be joyful instead of anxious tomorrow and that I can shine the light of Christ even when I feel really bad.

Good night everyone!

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