Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Feeling Free!

Today has been a pretty good day! Day two of chemo is done! Only three more to go!

I am officially AMPED up on steroids right now! I only slept about 4 hours last night and walked/jogged a little over two miles with David tonight and I don't even feel tired! Crazy! I know I'm going to crash hard, but I'm enjoying these few days of feeling good. Even if my bone marrow is not feeling too good...

I had a sweet quiet time today. I worked on a memory verse and got a lot of work done. I feel like God is already blessing my time here. More on that to come!

My dear friends sent me away with a beautiful antique jewelry box that I will treasure forever (courtesy of Laura Smith) filled with sweet notes and gifts for my journey.

Tonight I opened a card and gift that said Week 1.

It was a sweet note and beautiful willow tree angle from the Starkeys! Before I opened it, I was feeling so thankful for God's healing in my life and how I can already see Him using it to bring glory to His name. I opened this and this angel is exactly how I! I just want my life and my story to bring glory to God.
I pray that everyone reading this blog can feel this sense of freedom to worship our creator. He is good even in the midst of your storm. He will complete the work that He has started and He is always worthy to be praised no matter what our circumstances.

Thank you Lord for the amazing people in my life that love you enough to show love to me!

Good night everyone!

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